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RisePix was born in Bologna with the intent to involve the audience during concerts, sports events, conferences.

The app, dedicated to the public, is based on ultrasounds which activates a color sequence on you audience's smartphones. RisePix's website, instead, is thought for the event's organizers, which can create and personalize the lightshow that will take shape during the event. RisePix is an idea born from a young engineer which was created collaborating with a web agency. Self product and financed, RisePix is a teamplay creation and its aim is the international expansion. We still have a lot of ideas in our wishlist to add to the app, to increment our service technically and emotionally.

In a few time a machine with its own heart was born, who aims for the perfection in the rhythm and in the colors of whoever is using RisePix and will help to improve our idea, little, but with its big dreams.
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